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Terms Of Service

Legal / Terms
By using our services, you agree that you have read and understood the conditions set out in this document. We will not be liable for damages in any way for users who have not read the terms and conditions of service written on this page. Services provided by The following agreements have been determined.

    1. General

  • By using the service You have agreed to all the terms & conditions of service that we provide. We reserve the right to change the terms & service policies without prior notice.

  • By joining our service, you agree to all the rules & policies set out in this document.

  • Disclaimer : We don't provide guarantees in any form if there are losses and damages arising from using the service. We only guarantee that the data and detailed information that you use on the service have been properly protected. By joining and using the service, user has agreed to all the terms we have provided, including all risks arising from the use of the service are the responsibility of the user.

  • Liability : We will in no way be responsible for any account that experiences suspension, deletion of photos, videos and the like that is done by Instagram. All risks of using the service are the responsibility of the account owner.

  • We guarantee that if you follow & abide by these rules & conditions, no adverse events will occur related to your account

    2. Services

  • We don't make any guarantees for the services we provide. All flaws and errors that occur in the system may occur at any time and will be automatically repaired according to the capabilities of our system.

  • Our service system allows users to follow and exchange interactions with other users at

  • To use this service feature, your account must be in a public state for the feature to work properly.

  • By using this service, you have agreed that your account is willing to get and provide interaction with other users in order to be mutually beneficial.

  • You are not permitted to take action for things that are pornographic, violent, racially illegal or any thing that is not accepted in accordance with the provisions of Instagram that can harm fellow users.

  • It is expected to not unfollow with other users because this service uses a system of exchanging interactions, so respect other users.

    3. Privacy Policy

  • We take full care of the information and data that you have. Information such as user names and passwords that you enter are never stored on our servers for the safety and comfort of all users. We only use sessions / cookies when you log in to connect your account with the Instagram API.

  • We collect some account information needed on this service such as id, cookies & useragent to be able to connect and interact through the official Instagram Private API. We empowering without using it as a spam action / thing that violates user privacy.